Something Old

Oregon or Bust August 2011

I stumbled upon something I’d written late last summer (Aug 2011) that seemed worth re-visiting 6 months later.

OK. I need to write. Make that NEED to write. Seriously.

After driving from Colorado to Oregon with a packed-to-the-gills car, I dropped my daughter off at college last week and came home. It was quiet. Very quiet. I mean like the clock ticking and crickets chirping quiet. Crickets. Chirping.  I noticed it at 9pm as I was sitting on the couch sipping Sangria. Damn I thought. I need to turn on the TV and listen to CNN where I can hear human-like voices. Like they are talking to ME and know I’m here listening to them. So. I did that.

But it wasn’t CNN I landed on. It was a show about skunks. Well, a documentary on skunks. It was fascinating really. I won’t go into detail but be forewarned that they have two openings in their rear end where they can aim that scanky skunk gel-like liquid and spray in a direct line OR send it out in a “mist”. Don’t ask. I didn’t. But I learned a lot about skunks. They’re cute when they are little and the spotted ones are really adorable.

But. It suddenly occurred to me that this is it. This is My New Life. Sitting on the couch alone each evening drinking a tall cool drink and watching a show about skunks. Maybe reading a magazine, a book. Making dinner. Fuck. Yeah, I need to write. I could get a blog or I could join a writer’s group or I could just write.

So here I am. My New Life and me.

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